Let us introduce ourselves as an enterprise founded by hardworking and task-keener sons of Mr. Nuruddin Dhaman who chose to “fulfill their dreams and wants to contribute something to the nation by working for themselves rather than for others” in the emerging Rubber, Nylon, Teflon and Instruments Industries.
The company was incorporated in April 1995. Its founder who have been in the industry since July1985 and had noticed, that all business houses – both large and small were looking for quality products which was becoming increasing difficult to obtain. It registered as a S. S. I. & N. S. I. C. Unit.

We value our products as much as we value our customers. The enterprise has been founded and maintain by Mr. Murtuza Dhaman.

The Marketing cell is headed by Mr. Huzefa Dhaman, Mr. A. Kader who is responsible for marketing and customer / public relations…