Pressure Gauge
Diaphragm Sealed Gauge
Mercury In Steel Dial Thermoeter
 • Technical Specification
Accuracy: ± 1% span Quality Gauges – Available only in100mm 150mm dial size 100, 150mm dial size 100, 150mm
Dial Size in mm: 100, 150mm
Dial: Aluminum, stove enameled white with black markings
Sensing element: C or coil bourdon tube
Bourdon Material: Phosphor Bronze / AISI 316SS
Movement Material: Brass: AISI 304SS with Delrin impregnated
Sector & pinion bushing
Socket (shank): Extruded brass for phosphor bronze bourdon & AISI 316SS for Stainless steel bourdon
Case & Bezel: Cast aluminium stove enameled black – all dial sizes
Cast aluminium epoxy black – all dial sizes
Pressed stainless steel – 100mm & 150mm dial sizes
Window: Clear Glass
Shatter proof glass – available only in 100 & 150mm dial sizes
Mounting & Entry: Direct bottom; Direct Back: Surface bottom
Connection Size : Standard for below 100mm dial size 3/8”, ½”, BSP, NPT,
BSPT, API or M20 X 1.5 – standard for 15mm & above dial Size
Over range protection: As per IS 3624 – 1979
Standared fitments: Blow out disc
Micro adjustable pointer
Standard Ranges: 0 to1,1.6,2,2.5,4,6,10,16,25,40,60,100,160,250,400,
600, 800,1000, kg/cm2
Optional Features: Double Electric Contact Magnetic snap action type. One
normally open (High) and other normally close (low) below set point i.e. the Contract adjustable to signal rising or Falling Conditions any where in the in the entire range of the instruments pointer indications beyond the switching point shall be affected by the Electrical Contect Rating 230/280V Maximum Current Capacity 30w.50VA & Maximum. Current AMPS 1/5 Ampire with booster realy.
Note : Design Development wing of Unick Control System, Instrumentation Division work round the clockward, Latest and better technology,Therefore, Products supplied may from those specified herein.
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