Unick Control System being the leading Metallic Expansion Joint Manufacturer in India with ‘UNIK’ Brand has fulfilled all the qualification to manufacture a wide range of Metallic Expansion Joint for the most severe and demanding service of the Oil, Gas, Refinery, Chemical stell Plant and Power Plant Industries.
Material Type ASTM* Material Specification Temperature(C°)
304 S/S A-240 550
304L S/S** A-240 550
316 S/S A-240 550
316L S/S A-240 550
321 S/S A-240 550
Monel 400** B-127 425
Inconel 600 B-168 450
Inconel 625 B-443 450
Incoloy 800/800H** B-409 600/900
Incoloy 825** B-424 450
Hastelloy C 276** B-575 600
Bellows and expansion joints are typically used to connect engines to silencers. They are ideal where space is limited, but strength is a consideraion to absorb heat, expansion and vibration. With standard size of 2″ – 30″, customisation of connections both length and material to meet stringent specifications.

Metallic Bellows

Rectangular Metal Expansion Joint
Rectangular metals expansion joints are generally used to convey fumes from the boiler to the chimney or steam from the turbine to the condenser.
Single Expansion Bellows
Most economical expansion joint, total installed system cost may be higher than Gimbal, Hinge or Tied Expansion Joint System.
Universal Expansion Bellows
Economical expansion Joint. Absorbs large amount of lateral movement, total installed system cost may be higher than Gimbal, Hinge or Tied Expansion Joint System.
Tied Universal Expansion Bellows
Absorbs large amount of lateral movement in any direction. Eliminates pressure thrust loads. Absorbs the thermal growth of the attachments. Piping between the rod.
Pressure Balanced Bellows
Absorbs axial and lateral movements while still restraining pressure thrust. Eliminates main anchors, minimum guidance required.

Non-Metallic Bellows

Fabric Expansion Bellows
Absorbs axial and lateral movements and isolate vibration. Sometimes they even makeup for minor misalignments. Eliminates main anchor, minimum guidance is required.